Engineering and Construction

The Webforum solution for construction projects and asset management collects drawings and documents in one place and facilitates collaboration between clients and subcontractors. Log in from the office or directly from the construction site.

Powerful document and issue management

Webforum makes everyday life easier for all who manage projects and other stakeholders through powerful document and task management features and various functions for project management. With all the information held in the Webforum platform, this saves you both time and money by reducing complexity. Webforum can be used in all modern browsers and of course with smartphones and tablets.

“The Customer benefit for us is the ease of getting started, combined with the opportunity to grow and then use more advanced features as needed.”

Stefan Persson, BIM/GIS-Strategist Tyréns AB


Information Management

In Webforum are a variety of advances functions for engineering & construction projects and asset management. You can, for example, work with metadata to correctly classify your documents and drawings even during the project design stage. The system supports both BSAB codes and proprietary code structures. At all points in the project and the life of the asset it is convenient to use metadata to facilitate requirements such as audits, maintenance or inspection reminders or management of contracts.

Thanks to the advanced document viewer you can view and red-line or mark-up drawings even if you don’t have the relevant software on your computer or tablet. You can also give print agencies access to print orders without sending e-mail. To know exactly what information is delivered at a specific time in the project can use the document sets. With the help of the lending feature, drawings and other documents passed to external parties not part of your direct team when necessary and in an orderly manner. Webforum provides support for audits and approvals. The log records and can be easily references to see who has read a document or made a change in the file or associated metadata.

Issues and Question & Answers

Unforeseen events are a common reason for projects not completing on time and often represent a significant portion of the total project cost. In Webforum Issues, problems fund may be recorded and individuals assigned responsibility to complete any actions. The optional time monitoring function can be used to easily see how much time has been spent and how much it has cost. Follow-up of issues can also be displayed graphically for example, see how many issues are commenced or completed over a period of time.

Snags identified out on a construction site can easily be reported via smartphone and a photo can also be attached to aid the description of the defect. In larger projects, it may be necessary to manage RFIs or similar processes through Question and Answer lists. The flexible nature of the issue management modules makes a suitable alternative to a separate system. It is also possible to enter new issues via a web form that can be made available on a public website.


It is important to use different channels to disseminate information and to collaborate. The e- mail function can be used to send a message to specific distribution lists, to all or individual users. You can also send the message as an SMS. Using the common calendar, you can simply set up key meetings and other important dates for every or specific groups to access. Create simple and transparent ‘to- do lists” which clearly show who is assigned to a specific task and the priority and target date.

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