Structure your collaboration and achieve real results

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Too many tools and too little action?

Say goodbye to overloaded mail boxes, lack of visibility on project status or tools that do not meet your needs. Structure your projects, documents and related issues in one place to facilitate effective collaboration and achieve real results.

Collaborate with access to all the detail

Whether you are running projects, managing a larger organisation or need reports to support board decisions, all information is up to date, easy to find and always stored in a secure system.

Collaborate seamlessly with all your documents

No longer worry about numerous versions of the same work document. Give access to selected users allowing collaboration on many different file types. Sort your documents with ease by using meta data and review files in special formats.

Collaborate and take smarter decisions

Feel assured in having all relevant information for taking well-grounded decisions just a few clicks away. Visualise the work in insightful reports and work efficiently with issues to create added value.

700 organisations are already there

“The external noise and headache is removed from the process. We know what document went out, who approved it, it’s all transparent. The software is easy to adopt, very flexible, logical and intuitive.”

Stefan Romocki, Managing Director, ProHeat System

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