It is quicker and easier to add a new file straight in Webforum rather than first on your computer and then uploading. We have now extended the possibility to include text files as well as the “old” options of word, excel, and powerpoint. With this improvement we also retire the “Documents without a file“-feature and recommend that […]

Many of our users have very big document structures and rely on search and filters to quickly find the information they’re after. A specific search including filters can even be saved and shared with other users – like a playlist in Spotify! We now let you filter on more than one value if you have […]

We know you want an overview of what’s going on in the project and you need to give the whole project group a place to collaborate and get a joint view of the progress. In February, we will release a beta version for the new Project Start Page. This includes some basic information about the […]

Now in January, we have also made the PDF-printout of issues a little prettier by left-adjusting multi-line text fields. The pdf printing of issues is of crucial importance to many of our customers who use Issues and we have spent some time and love on improving this in 2017. Thanks to everyone who reached out […]

PDFs are a good way of saving a document in a format that is both accessible from almost any device and secure. Many people use this for contracts, drawings etc. We have made it a little bit easier to create PDFs from the documents that you have stored in Webforum by adding an option to […]

We believe in transparency! We believe that when people know what needs to be done and where they can contribute – they will take action. Especially if the action is noticed and encouraged. That said, we also know that access to information – whether in the form of issues/work packages/actions or in the form of […]

I would like us to look back at the old year and celebrate the achievements from 2017. It’s easy to just motor on and only focus on the challenges of the now and failures of the past. One important happening for me in 2017 was the opportunity to take on this new product, Webforum. I […]

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