Project start page – communications and overview

It is here! Like we told you last month, we are releasing a brand-new start page for projects. This provides a single source of communications and overview of what is going on in the project. On the project start page, everyone who has access to the project can see who is a project member as well as the latest events. It also serves as a communications centre where project members and other stakeholders can ask questions, share information and communicate about the progress of the project. It is found as the first (left-most) tab in the project and you will be taken here when you click on a project name in the project list.

Collaborate with or without a Gantt

Projects and collaboration come in many different forms. Sometimes document management is at the core and sometimes you don’t need it at all. Sometimes you need a structured Gantt with wbs (work breakdown structure), assigned resources, times and cost and sometimes you just need a list of todo’s. At Webforum, we believe that the way you work should be in focus and we have therefore made the planning tab (Gantt) optional in any project. The project administrator can access the project settings by clicking on the Admin tab and selecting the area Settings. In here you will find tick boxes for Planning and other modules, lists, and functions that can be turned on or off in the project. A tip is to set up standard projects as templates for a quick and easy way to create a unified structure and share knowledge and best-practice between teams and projects.

Find the right PDF or image in a jiffy

Are you finding yourself rifling through many pdf-files to find the right one? We know that this is a particular problem when there are a lot of drawings or other similarly named files in a folder. To counter this and make sure you spend less time looking and more time being effective, we now let you preview all pdfs in the same way that you can preview images in Documents. To quickly identify the file you need, turn on the thumbnail view in the folder. If you need more detail, clicking on a thumbnail opens a bigger preview and a slide show of all the thumbnails in the folder in a bigger format.