Use the power of meta

Meta data present a way to add structured data layers to your documents. This is used by a number of our workspaces that have large volumes of documents and a need for more structure and search capabilities. The meta data tags can be used to search for relevant information or organise large document structures. Without the possibility to use structured meta data to organise your large volume of information you can, for instance, run the risk of:

-spending too much time looking for the relevant document
-doing extra work since you are unsure what deliverables are already in place
-loosing valuable information in large volumes of documents.

With the April release we introduce the possibility to update meta data for many files without reimporting the file itself. This will make meta data updates in bulk much easier since it will not change the version number of the documents

Look your colleagues in the eye


Did you know that communication is more efficient if we see the person you’re communicating with, and that people who smile more often get positive results from their communication? These were two of the take-aways from communications consultant Maria Björk’s presentation at Webforum Collaborate yesterday. So our recommendation is to upload a smiling picture of yourself to Webforum so that your colleagues can see who they’re dealing with.


Do this by clicking on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner when you are logged in. We have updated the format of the pictures to be shown in a more modern circle shape. So even if you already have a profile picture it could be worth checking that you are looking your best.


Make it easy to do the right thing by using document templates

There are many advantages to working with document templates. A unified look clarifies and strengthens the identity of the brand and organization. Standardized processes are clear and can be reused and tweaked easily. You help your projects be more efficient by having pre-defined templates for requirements and checklists. Stop wasting time setting up the similar documents over and over again – create a template!

create document templatesNow we extend our system to support structured work with document templates. Each project and workspace gets a Template folder, that is only visible to administrators, under the root of Documents. In this folder, you put the documents that will be templates in the project and workspace (available to all projects) respectively. When a user creates a new document in Webforum through the ”New”-button in the toolbar in Documents they are offered the option to create from a template. If the document is created in a project, both project specific and workspace-level templates are available.

Administrators manage document templates in the template folder.

template folder how to