Get maximum info on one page without the need to get out scissors and tape. We now support printing from the plan and project office in A1 and A2 formats.

Now you can put the full project charter in the description field witout taking up the whole project detail page. We have changed so that this field has a preview mode. The first few lines of text are showing with the ability to click in the field to display the full text.

As a product manager one of my greatest thrills is when I see that the product we make really helps make people’s every day work life happier and more productive. I have got plenty of feedback that the thumbnail preview for pdf and image documents does just that. It has cut down frustration and made […]

Communication about the project moved to the project in our last release. But in order to make the communication a conversation it needs to involve more than one sender. Reply to your colleague’s posts and give them some credit for the great job they are doing or tell them that you disagree. Now that we […]

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