We continually work at making Webforum better for you. These are some of the more noteworthy improvements lately: – “Save as PDF” now works for the older Microsoft Office file types of .doc .xls and .ppt as well as the later .docx .xlsx and .pptx. – Overdue Issues are marked in red in the “My […]

We love to support the way you work. One way of doing that is to allow you to use our open API to integrate with other systems. You can now update a folder via the api (PUT folder end point for techies) and we allow you to change a project number so that it is […]

With the responsibility of administering comes a need for control – especially on who can see what. In this release we include more ways of seeing permissions for admins.  Project administrators will be able to see effective permissions for any user in the project under the user detail in the project’s admintab.  In admin for workspaces […]

In the widget for “My open issues” on the workspace Start page, you can see all the open issues that you are currently assigned. To get a better understanding of what is most urgent, we now sort the issues according to their end dates. Issues with no end date are sorted last and overdue issues […]

Links are an integral part of how we share and explore contents on the web. With this release you can add links as documents in your project or workspace. One of the advantages of adding links in documents is that you can benefit from all the standard features for documents, like reviews, meta data etc […]

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