Project startpage – see what’s happened in the project! (BETA)

We know you want an overview of what’s going on in the project and you need to give the whole project group a place to collaborate and get a joint view of the progress. In February, we will release a beta version for the new Project Start Page. This includes some basic information about the project – its description and who works in it. It also includes an event stream of what’s happened to the documents and issues that you have access to in the project.

Next up, we will integrate a conversation flow in the start page where everyone with access to the project can share important communication around the project work. Forget email groups and keep the conversation where it belongs – together with the rest of the project information, work and deliverables. This will be available in the next few months.

Be among the first to try the new start page and give us feedback for further development by switching on the beta. Just contact us on