Webforum’s Logotype

Here you can download Webforum´s logotype in eps format and jpg format. First and foremost, the coloured logotype is to be used. The black logotype should only be used in exceptional cases.

Webforum´s logotype is to be placed against a white background and it should be surrounded by a free space (see below).

Coloured logotype


EPS format
Logotype for colour print, PMS-colours
Logotype for colour print,CMYK-colours
Logotype for web publishing, RGB-colours

Logotype for colour print, CMYK, high resolution (10×1,86 cm + margins, 300 dpi)
Logotype for web publishing, RGB, low resolution (300×56 pixlar + margins, 72 dpi)

Black logotype


Logotype black

Logotype black, high resolution (10×1,86 com + margins, 300 dpi)
Logotype black, low resolution (300×72 pixlar + margins, 72 dpi)


As important as the other visual elements is the free space that surrounds the logotype. Space makes the logotype easier to discover, and at the same time it comes off as more powerful and clear.

Around all the logotypes of Webforum, there must be a so called free zone, inside which no text or other graphical elements can occur. The distance is proportional in relation to the size of the logotypes, and it is calculated according to the sketch principle below. The free space can, of course, be larger than shown here.


Colour codes

RGB: 196, 36, 42
HEX: #C4242A CMYK: 0, 100, 99, 4
PMS: Pantone 485 C

RGB: 127, 127, 131
HEX: #7F7F83
CMYK: 0, 2, 0, 60
PMS: Pantone Cool Gray 10