Policy and Conditions (Webforum)

Webforum Europe AB (WFE) owns the Webforum software and operates the Webforum Platform Service (Platform), which is offered by WFE as an Application Services Provider (ASP). The software is made available on a subscription basis by WFE or by one of its representatives and is operated on WFE servers or on servers provided by others.

As this service is gradually upgraded, the software, its tools and functionality may change from time to time. WFE reserves the right to modify or amend these documents at any time and for any reason. Operators and Users will be notified about changes in the Operator Agreement, in the Security Policy and in the Terms of use via our Platforms, including this site, and/or Newsletters.

Webforum reserves the right to make yearly adjustments to the prices for existing subscriptions, based on changes to the current list prices.

Operator Agreement

The Operator Agreement sets out certain policies and legal information regarding access to all Platforms and the use of Platform tools and services that the Operator subscribes to.

Recent Changes:

  • Cancellation of the subscription must be done in writing no later than 45 days before a new period begins.
  • Invoices are sent out 30 days in advance of the starting date of a new period.

Download Webforum Operator Agreement

Security Policy

Whenever personally identifiable or business identifiable information or other information and documents are submitted to or from the Platform, this is submitted or transferred through WFE’s secure servers. The Security Policy outlines how such information is handled.

Download Webforum Security and Accessibility Policy

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use regulate certain conditions that the Operator must agree upon with the Users prior to use of the platform.

Download Webforum Terms of Use

If you have any questions please contact us via e-mail or by telephone.

E-mail: info@webforum.com
Telephone: +46 8 527 400 70