Security and Accessibility

Webforum is available 24 hours a day, all year round. Information transfer to and from our servers is handled by SSL-encrypted communication.

The largest security risk is always related to password management. The Webforum password policy is currently 8 characters, and at least one must be a special character (not alpha-numeric). Two factor authentication where a one time password via SMS or e-mail is addeed to the ordinary password and username is s available as an option.  Too many failed log on attempts will lead to a lock out.

Our server park is hosted by our ISO 20 000-certified partner Axians. The system is completely redundant and safe and located at two different premises in Stockholm. Axians is also responsible for taking continuous back ups many times a day. The Axians environment has fire protection, climate control and multiple Internet connections with different Internet providers.

More information is available in our two security documents:

Webforum – Security (pdf, 220 kB)
Webforum – Physical security (pdf, 164 kB)