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Medisize is a leading developer and manufacturer of plastic solutions to the global pharmaceutical and medical device industry. In 2006, Perlos spun off its healthcare division, Perlos Healthcare, which subsequently changed its name to “Medifiq Healthcare”. Through the strategic combination of Medifiq Healthcare and Medisize in 2008, Medisize now has a highly skilled workforce as well as five high-volume development and manufacturing facilities sites with a broad product range.

During the combining project, Medisize realized a need for centralized information storage to facilitate collaboration between Medisize entities globally. After a serious evaluation of different options, Medisize found Webforum, whose online service Teamwork suited their needs for a practical, easy-to-use and secure workspace perfectly.

Initially it was used as a global intranet, but Webforum soon became a way to handle document management between the companies. People are informed directly when there is new documentation thanks to the built-in group e-mail function with links to documents.

Medisize then also started to look at Webforum Project, which in addition to the Teamwork functionality also handles project planning, time reporting and follow up. The functionality in Project allowed Medisize to get control over all cross-location projects and store all project information, including time reports, in one place rather than each location running its own system.

Lately, Medisize has started to handle customer projects in the solution. The customers are invited to a workspace where all project documentation can be shared. With the built-in version control, all parties can be assured that they are always working with the latest information.

Also the Medisize Board has its own workspace. That way the board can handle all the board documentation without risking that the information is stored on local laptops or is sent through unsecured mail.

“Medisize is an excellent example of how a company working in a regulated business can facilitate and improve its internal and external communication as well as project management without investing heavily in system development” says Fredrik Adolfsson, partner responsible at Webforum. Medisize now has around 250 users of Webforum.

About Medisize

Medisize is a leading developer and manufacturer of plastic solutions to the global pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The Company is a pioneer in providing innovative manufacturing solutions for specialized healthcare products, including complex drug delivery devices, pharmaceutical packaging products, single patient medical and diagnostic devices and airway management systems. Medisize has created a unique European platform in the rapidly growing market for outsourced multi-component healthcare devices with five high volume development and manufacturing facilities, including 10,050 m2 of clean room (Class 7 and Class 8) space.

The Company’s strength is founded on a deep engineering expertise, supported by advanced manufacturing capabilities, a high quality sales force and a global distribution network. With its extensive service capabilities, Medisize is capable of addressing the specific needs of the healthcare industry, and as a result has established itself as an industry leader with a solid track record of continuous product development, process optimization and innovation.

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"Webforum is the perfect partner for us, the system is easy to use, safe and affordable".

Sami Muhonen Project Engineer of Medisize 22 January, 2015

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