Easier to see and manage project administrators

When dealing with permissions we have some definite guidelines – be clear, reduce the number of distinct permissions to make it easy, plan ahead, and work with roles (groups)! We have introduced groups on the project level to make this easier and we now implement a system group for Project Administrators. The purpose is to make it easier to see who has complete control over the project, including the permission set up. Workspace administrators and project administrators can change who is included in the group in the Admin tab for the project under the section for project groups. The project administrator group in your current projects will be populated by the users who have individual full permissions to the project.

The two users with full permissions will be automatically included in the new system group Project administrators.


Look what’s happening in your project

The activity report is a great way to keep updated on all changes to the documentation on the workspace. To make it easier to understand which project is affected we now split the information per project. The documents that are on the top level only will continue to be listed straight under the workspace and project documentation under each project. An added benefit is that users with access to documents only through the project will also start getting activity reports.

daily activity report

Engage your colleagues in conversation

conversations project

Nobody likes talking to deaf ears and with this release we make sure that your communication hits the intended target. You can now mention a specific person or group in your post or comment on the project start page to ensure that they get  notified about it via email. Just type @ in your text to open a list of people/groups to notify. Notifications are also sent to the original author of a post when someone comments on it.

Easier to work with drawings

As a product manager one of my greatest thrills is when I see that the product we make really helps make people’s every day work life happier and more productive. I have got plenty of feedback that the thumbnail preview for pdf and image documents does just that. It has cut down frustration and made working with large numbers of drawings quick, easy and delightful. As a next step we now make it possible to open the correct file straight from the preview. Just click on the preview to get the “open document”-dialogue. Working with drawings in Webforum has never been easier!

Communication becomes a conversation

Communication about the project moved to the project in our last release. But in order to make the communication a conversation it needs to involve more than one sender. Reply to your colleague’s posts and give them some credit for the great job they are doing or tell them that you disagree. Now that we introduce comments to posts on the project start page you can really step up and make the conversation happen. Of course, project administrators still have full control and can edit and delete the conversation. Spelled something wrong? No worries, you can edit (or even delete) your own comments. Everyone who can access the project can see the conversations that you have on the project start page.

Use the power of meta

Meta data present a way to add structured data layers to your documents. This is used by a number of our workspaces that have large volumes of documents and a need for more structure and search capabilities. The meta data tags can be used to search for relevant information or organise large document structures. Without the possibility to use structured meta data to organise your large volume of information you can, for instance, run the risk of:

-spending too much time looking for the relevant document
-doing extra work since you are unsure what deliverables are already in place
-loosing valuable information in large volumes of documents.

With the April release we introduce the possibility to update meta data for many files without reimporting the file itself. This will make meta data updates in bulk much easier since it will not change the version number of the documents

Look your colleagues in the eye


Did you know that communication is more efficient if we see the person you’re communicating with, and that people who smile more often get positive results from their communication? These were two of the take-aways from communications consultant Maria Björk’s presentation at Webforum Collaborate yesterday. So our recommendation is to upload a smiling picture of yourself to Webforum so that your colleagues can see who they’re dealing with.


Do this by clicking on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner when you are logged in. We have updated the format of the pictures to be shown in a more modern circle shape. So even if you already have a profile picture it could be worth checking that you are looking your best.