Our customers

Webforum currently has 700 corporate clients and over 50,000 users in 20 countries. Customers range from small businesses or project teams to multinational companies in various industries as well as most local government areas.

“With Webforum, we have been able to concentrate on our main tasks instead of putting a lot of management and time looking for information in various projects as we had previously done.”
– Inge Wihlborg, BIM/GIS Strategist, Tyréns

Landstinget i Jönköpings Län

“Webforum enables us to have control over all of our blueprints and documentations in our construction projects. We have many projects going at the same time, so it’s important that we have a complete overview and control of every single one.”
-Martin Flodin, CAD- Strategist, Region Jönköpings län

“With the help of Webforum we have created a common area on the web for all 14 electricity suppliers to work together effectively.”
-Torbjörn Ullberg, Sundsvall Electricity Network

“The Webforum board portal is a very user-friendly solution that meets our high demands for flexibility, security. The tool is always available to our users and saves us both time and money. ”
-Michael Eklund, SigtunaHem

“Webforum is the perfect partner for us, the system is easy to use, safe and affordable.”
-Sami Muhonen, Project Engineer

“With Webforum we have been able to achieve results in our projects through a digital collaboration with over a 1000 of representatives of Swedish schools.”

“The external noise and headache is removed from the process. We know what document went out, who approved it, it’s all transparent. The software is easy to adopt, very flexible, logical and intuitive.”
-Stefan Romocki, Managing Director, ProHeat Systems