Webforum currently has 700 corporate clients and over 50,000 users in 20 countries. Customers range from small businesses or project teams to multinational companies in various industries as well as most local government areas.


Tyréns are community builders with 1300 employees. The building planning process requires structuring and managing large amounts of information. Read the Case study to find out more how the Webforum Professional solution has enabled Tyréns and their clients to improve their management of a large number of property and construction Projects.

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Medisize realized a need for centralized information storage to facilitate collaboration between Medisize entities globally. After a serious evaluation of different options, Medisize found Webforum, whose online service Teamwork suited their needs for a practical, easy-to-use and secure workspace perfectly.

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ProHeat was previously using DropBox for their file management, which was just not suitable for their needs. In addition they were tracking documents using an Excel spreadsheet.  ProHeat needed a system which is robust and flexible, especially as they have grown and taken on multiple projects in parallel.

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“The Customer benefit for us is the ease of getting started, combined with the opportunity to grow and then use more advanced features as needed.”

Stefan Persson,
BIM/GIS-Strategist Tyréns AB

“The software is easy to adopt, very flexible, logical and intuitive.”

Stefan Romocki,
Managing Director ProHeat Systems

“Webforum is the perfect partner for us, the system is easy to use, safe and affordable.”

Sami Muhonen,
Project Engineer of Medisize

“With the help of Webforum we have created a common area on the web for all 14 electricity suppliers to work together effectively.”

Torbjörn Ullberg,
Sundsvall Electricity Networks

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