Even more control over the QnA process with the Matrix view

Even more ways to stay on top of what questions are open and where they might stack

Congratulations! With the May release we introduced a new type of task board – the question board – that is designed specifically for the question and answers process. The task cards on this board include fields for To and From. These fields can be populated by the project groups that should represent the different disciplines or competencies in the project to make it clear which discipline has the question and from whom they expect the answer. With the June release we introduce a Matrix view of questions.

The matrix view of a question board provides an overview of all open questions and which groups they are from and to. This way you can easily see where the questions stack up and identify bottlenecks. You find the matrix view as an option for all question boards – just click at the top of the board to switch views

A look at the new view with the questions from Kon -> A open. The greyed out question has already been answered.



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