Simplified document upload and more August updates

Simplified uploading of documents, better mobile views for tasks and members, and update the description for all documents in one sweep.

Document uploads happen all the time in Webforum and making them friction free is a great way to make our users spend less time clicking and more time working (or playing). Therefore we have simplified the document upload window and introduced a checkbox for adding meta data. If you are not adding meta data at the moment of upload just leave it unchecked.


If you want to add meta data check the box and you can add the attributes in the next screen. Attributes can be applied to all documents in the upload in one go by clicking the link “apply to all documents”

Better mobile views for Tasks and Members
We have added more information in small listviews in the tasks and member modules. This will give users who log in on their mobiles or use Webforum in small windows on their computer more information at a glance.

Update the description for all the documents in a delivery
When you deliver a large amount of documents it is usually great to be able to update all the attributes at once. You can now also update the description for all documents when you upload them or through “mass update” on the toolbar in Documents.

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