Electronic signatures

Use electronic signatures to approve documents together with external parties

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Using electronic signatures of legal documents saves time and makes it easy to store and find contracts and other agreements together with the rest of your documentation. Many legal documents start and end their life digitally and by using electronic signatures you can skip the hassle of printing, stamping, posting and then scanning the document. You send the document in most formats and receive a portable and legally binding pdf saved straight back in the same place in your document structure.

Efficient contract management

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Sign a document with any electronic identification from the Nordics: Swedish BankID, Norwegian BankID, NemID and Finish Trust Network.  e-sign, esign, esignering, e-signering, AssentlyThe handling of electronic signatures is subject to the eIDAS legal framework from the EU and is ISO 207001-certified.
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Available on most devices. E-sign on your mobile, tablet, or computer – at your convenience. All you need to send the document for signing is the email address of the person who needs to sign. All they need is an electronic ID.

Some features

  • All types of documents
  • Encrypted communication
  • Legal signatures with Nordic electronic ID
  • Nordic electronic ID
  • Portable digital receipt

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