Introducing role based permissions in projects

We believe in transparency! We believe that when people know what needs to be done and where they can contribute – they will take action. Especially if the action is noticed and encouraged.
That said, we also know that access to information – whether in the form of issues/work packages/actions or in the form of documents – usually needs to be structured.

resurser i projekt

Structuring the access to information via permissions gives some clear benefits:

– It gives focus by minimizing the white noise of irrelevant information
– It gives more confidence to share transparently within a group when the group is defined and smaller
– It ensures that you can benefit from putting all information in one place and still have control over who sees what

Flexible permissions have always been part of the core offering of Webforum and now we take another step in making permissions easier to use by introducing role-based permission on the project level. We already have the possibility of creating groups for various roles on the workspace level. Now, we give you the possibility to create groups on the project level in order to maintain an easy permissions structure in the project.
Project administrators – with full access to the project – can set up groups in the Admin tab for the project. Typical groups represent roles in your project such as “contractor” “architect” etc. Then use the groups to set up permissions on folders and issue lists. This makes it easy to add and remove people from these roles and maintain a secure and stable permission system.