Make it easy to do the right thing by using document templates

There are many advantages to working with document templates. A unified look clarifies and strengthens the identity of the brand and organization. Standardized processes are clear and can be reused and tweaked easily. You help your projects be more efficient by having pre-defined templates for requirements and checklists. Stop wasting time setting up the similar documents over and over again – create a template!

create document templatesNow we extend our system to support structured work with document templates. Each project and workspace gets a Template folder, that is only visible to administrators, under the root of Documents. In this folder, you put the documents that will be templates in the project and workspace (available to all projects) respectively. When a user creates a new document in Webforum through the ”New”-button in the toolbar in Documents they are offered the option to create from a template. If the document is created in a project, both project specific and workspace-level templates are available.

Administrators manage document templates in the template folder.

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