Minor updates

We continually work at making Webforum better for you. These are some of the more noteworthy improvements lately:

  • – “Save as PDF” now works for the older Microsoft Office file types of .doc .xls and .ppt as well as the later .docx .xlsx and .pptx.
  • – Overdue Issues are marked in red in the “My open issues” widget on the workspace start page. We also show issue end dates in the widget.
  • – On the project start page, you can see more information about the user when you hover over their image. Job title, company and mobile phone numbers are displayed if they exist in the system.
  • – When generating a zip-file from a number of documents in a project or workspace the file can now be saved straight to Webforum as well as to your local computer.
  • – If your internet connection is lost while updating a file through the Webforum plugin, we now give you the possibility to choose where to save the file instead. Previously we always saved it to the Webforum plugin temp files.
  • – Workspace administrators can choose a default message to add to invitations to the workspace. This can be used for legal disclaimers, information about how personal data is collected and used or just to add a personal touch.
  • – Security, performance and quality work is of course always ongoing and we release many minor improvements in these areas also.