New year and new challenges!

I would like us to look back at the old year and celebrate the achievements from 2017. It’s easy to just motor on and only focus on the challenges of the now and failures of the past. One important happening for me in 2017 was the opportunity to take on this new product, Webforum. I have learnt so much and love the fact that I get to work with a product that has so very many happy users. But I’m not satisfied but want to keep improving the product and make Webforum even better at helping you achieve results through structured collaboration.
Here’s a summary of some of the most important changes in Webforum during 2017. A total of more than 380 unique improvements, bugfixes and other development packages have been released in 2017 to make this version of Webforum the best ever.

Now we look forwards to an even better 2018!

Karolina Jackson-Ward
Head of Product, Webforum AB


Create new Microsoft Office documents from the toolbar

Empty Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations can now be created in the system. This is done from a new “New” menu in the document archive toolbar.

Document and folder subscriptions for other users

Users can now start subscriptions for other users. Users who subscribe to changes in a folder or document will get an email when a document is created or updated. Update permission on the folder or document is required to start a subscription for another user.

Autodesk Forge replaces RasterEx

We are proud of our document viewers and continually work at making it easier and more efficient to view and manage documents. As a part of that work we have decided to replace RasterEx with market leader Autodesk. Autodesk offers a more stable and future-proof viewer for all standard drawing types.

Export metadata for a folder

It’s now possible to select folders for export of metadata. Metadata for all documents in the selected folders and documents is included in the export.

Set metadata when documents are pasted

It is now possible to set metadata on documents when they are copy pasted.

Possiblility to let users see permission settings

A setting has been added for who can see permission settings for folders and documents. The default setting is that only users with Full pemission or the the document’s or folder’s creator with Update permission can see the document or folder, but it’s also possible to allow all users with Read permission to see the permission settings.


Risk functionality in the issue module

Having your risks under control is a key part of any project or initiative. We love risks or opportunities and have even published an e-book on the theme during 2017. We also moved the risk functionality to the projects in order to give project managers more ownership of the risks for their project. Any issue type can be represented as a risk. This will include your risk parameters, such as Probability and Consequence on the issue.

Pdf-printing of issues

The pdf printing of issues is of crucial importance to many of our customers who use Issues and we have spent some time and love on improving this in 2017. Thanks to everyone who reached out to us – we appreciate it! Based on your feedback we have made some important improvements to the design:
– We introduced the possibility to print several issues at once. You can now highlight several issues and select ”save as pdf” on the toolbar.
– Your field selection is now saved to make it easy to select the same fields every time.
– If you have custom fields for projects, these can also be selected when you print issues. This is only true if the issue is in the project.
– Long texts can now run over several pages.
– The formatting of the print out is improved.
– The pdf can be saved straight to Documents in Webforum.


Improved issue linking

The issue linking functionality has been improved. It is now easier to create links to other issues in different lists and it’s possible to create a new linked issue from the issue that’s currently opened.

Improved lists

Every list now has its own number series. The first issue on a list for a project gets number 1. And each list can have a designated person in charge who gets notified when new issues are added to the list.

Send messages to registered email addresses

It’s now possible to select several issues/list items and send a message to email addresses registered on these issues. It’s for example possible to send a message to assignees or creators. The history of the issue will include the message, when, and to whom it was sent.

Performance and ease of use

Faster listing of folders

One of the most annoying things in life is waiting for stuff to happen. We have improved the speed in the listing of folders to make sure you get to the documents you need quicker.

Simplified document and issue menus

The document and issue menus have been simplified to make it easier to find the item you’re looking for.

Integration possibilities via an extended API

API –what is it good for? Practically anything!
Most people know about the magical powers of APIs that will let you access data from one service and use it in another – or as Austin Powers would put it; Integration Baby! It can let you sync the documents that ýou have in one place and let you access them from another. Or let you automatically sync in other costs to the project from your invoicing system. We are continually extending the api and in 2017 we added for instance:
– Sync folders
– Sync other costs
– Get global resources
– Update meta data without updating file
– Remove documents
Get the full list of integration possibilities via the api at


More secure web forms with captcha and BankID identification

Possibility to configure the automatic logout time for users

To make it easier for you to work with Webforum, the administrator can select which time suits you for the automatic logout of inactive users. For increased security select a shorter time. For increased ease of use – or if your users primarily work on personal secure computers – you can choose a longer time for automatic logout. As an admin, this setting can be found in Admin under Workspace settings.

Supplier invoices

Webforum offers the possibility to follow up on cost a well as time in your projects. We realize that costs that are not from project resources can be almost anything and have therefore changed the terminology from “supplier invoices” to “other costs”. We have also added the possibility of using our API to automate the transfer of these costs – for example cost of materials or consultants from your financial system.


Separate Admin tab for projects

Other costs can be activated/deactivated per project

Project administrators (with full access to the project) can choose whether the project should use “other costs”. The setting can be found on the Project details and can be activated if other costs is on for the workspace.