Prettier PDF printing of issues

Now in January, we have also made the PDF-printout of issues a little prettier by left-adjusting multi-line text fields.

The pdf printing of issues is of crucial importance to many of our customers who use Issues and we have spent some time and love on improving this in 2017. Thanks to everyone who reached out to us – we appreciate it! Based on your feedback we have made some important improvements to the design:

– We introduced the possibility to print several issues at once. You can now highlight several issues and select ”save as pdf” on the toolbar.
– Your field selection is now saved to make it easy to select the same fields every time.
– If you have custom fields for projects, these can also be selected when you print issues. This is only true if the issue is in the project.
– Long texts can now run over several pages.
– The formatting of the print out is improved.
– The pdf can be saved straight to Documents in Webforum.