The larger a project or programme, the more important it is to use different channels to disseminate information and to collaborate.

Project website
Some project information is best communicated in published form on web pages rather than merely held as a document in a document archive.

This could be, for example, information about the company’s project methodology, engagement models, processes , templates, status reports or the latest news. In Webforum you can create a project website with text, pictures, news items or a shared calendar – all without programming knowledge.

With the help of the publishing tool it is possible to give the site the look and feel you wish, for example, matched to your company or a client’s visual identity.

Project metholdology
Do you use the PMBOK , PRINCE2 , XLPM , PPS or a proprietary project methododology? Whatever project methodology you use it is easy to implement it in Webforum.

  • Getting started guides or training material are easily set up as web pages – no programming is required.
  • Document templates can be posted in the document archive and then copied when a new project is started.
  • Project plans set up as a template project can be used as the starting point when new projects are initiated.
  • The Review and approval feature makes it easier to ensure that the chosen methodology is actually implemented in the project. It is also easy to see who read specific documents.

Work allocation
Projects often use lists for important tasks that are continuously monitored , but that is not sufficiently large to fit in a project plan. In Webforum you can create multiple lists to keep track of and allocate responsibility for tasks with different priorities, status and due dates. With granular permission settings, you control who gets to work with each list.With permission settings , you control who gets to work with each list.

Discussion forum
Using the discussion forum workgroups who rarely have time to meet face-to-face have a forum for an exchange of views on important issues. Each forum can be organized into different subject categories . If you subscribe to a post you get continuous updates when someone makes a new comment.

During the project, it is easy to collaborate, communicate and share information with all concerned.

Each workspace has an email function, which you can use to send messages to individual users or entire user groups. The email function retrieves the addresses from the user database that is maintained by the users themselves.

Use the SMS feature to quickly reach out to individual users or entire user groups. Mobile phone numbers can be updated by the users themselves or by an administrator. A fixed number of SMS credits are included with the workspace but you can top-up your balance by contacting

Here you can search for users and groups set up on the workspace. Contact information can be retrieved from the user database that is updated by the users themselves or an administrator.

Examples  of functions

– Outbound email
– SMS dispatch

Calendar Features:
– Multiple Calendars
– Appointment invites
– Meeting participant lists
– Copy to another calendar such as Outlook

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