What is the hidden cost of insufficient communication?

Communication between project members used to be done by means of a variety of tools, long email threads, status meetings and tables filled with Post-its. These out-dated methods result in a reduced overview, precious time wasted on searching for information and poor traceability. Did you know that lack of communication in large and complex projects is responsible for about 13 percent of the costs? That does not cut it- you deserve better!

By using Webforum, you can finally get ahead of the digital transformation and communicate with internal and external project members in one and the same system with the appropriate permissions. Communication becomes more transparent, collaboration between project members increases and time can be used more efficiently. Project members always get the latest updates, communicate in real time and get faster access to the right information. It will be easier than ever to collaborate and get things done.

Take the next step towards efficient communication

kommunikation i projekt med rätt sammanhang
Communication in the right context
Put an end to all “answer-all” emails and gather all project communication in one system. As a result, all project related discussion is saved in the right context and in a common workplace instead of someone’s inbox.
Real-time dialog
Stay informed, ask for feedback and collaborate with internal and external project members in real time. By subscribing to a project, you get continuous updates when someone makes a new post.
dialog i realtid
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omnämnanden symbol
Engage project members with @mentions
Skip tedious follow up meetings and stay informed by using @mentions. Comments are registered chronologically and everyone has the latest view of the world – no more status meetings!
Documents box
Share information easy and efficiently
Share links, drawings, and update documents without disturbing the workflow. Review and approve files, regardless of whether you are in the field or office. By using version management and access control, project members can quickly find the right information and access the latest version of the document.
delning av information

Some features

  • Project start page
  • Comments
  • Send SMS to all project members
  • Send email to all project members
  • @mentions
  • Meeting invites

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Other functions