Document Management

Document Management System (DMS) that turns data into value

Construction work projects often center around important files that could be hard to manage in an effective way. Storage in different databases, versioning and inadequate traceability could cause problems when you share files with internal and external project members. Further, according to a survey from Gartner, a research and advisory company, the average organization had 11 copies of each document. For many project managers, this is frightening.

Increase the value of your projects and make the most of your documents by organizing and collaborating on them in Webforums DMS. Save time and resources with the help of features like, document and file collections, examination, versioning, Metadata Tagging and classifications in an all-in-one solution.

Keep everyone in the same workflow
Collaborate within all projects in the same platform and get the control and overview you need to make smarter decisions and prioritize the right work. Integrate external project members, partners and suppliers, and make collaboration possible for everyone in the same workflow.
Examine and share documents
Manage authorization and file sharing with the help of a smooth in and out access, roll configuration and a powerful document reader. Create your own information flow to transfer documents to one, or several persons. Get notified when everyone is done.
Documents box
Create value of other activities
Create links to your documents, blueprints and files for errands. The link will direct you to the latest version of the document in the “document archives” by default.
Text and Graph listing
Traceability and history
Trace all actions, events and changes that have been made with the help of using “history” in Webforums detail log. Get a clear picture of what has been done historically and by whom by viewing date and time.
Search magnifying glass
Search magnifying glass
Maximize your availability
Webforums document management system allows you to organize and store your documents with maximal availability. Drag and drop documents and folders from your computer to document archive. Access information with the help of Webforums advanced search function, which enables you to search for the name of a file, its contents or other information.
Work online
Open and update all your documents directly from the document archive. All document changes that are made are saved in real time with complete version history. When you update a document it appears as “locked”, which only enables other users to read the document, no changes can be made.

Features within document management

  • Drag and drop documents from your computer
  • Email document links instead of attached documents
  • Comment on documents
  • Set authorization on individual documents or/and folders
  • Examine and approve documents
  • Edit online
  • Metadata navigation
  • Bulk file import/export including metadata
  • Advanced viewer for blueprints and more
  • Document collections (gather specific versions of certain documents)
  • Print feature
  • Support for procurement (publishing)

Watch a video about how to work with Document Management in Webforum

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