Document Management

Webforum document management is simple to use, yet packed with functionality

An important part of most projects and other forms of collaboration are the shared documents, images and other files such as drawings. In the Webforum document management module you have all the information organised how you need it and you can ensure that everyone gets access to what they need to accomplish their tasks.

Documents can of course also be read from a smartphone or tablet giving access while away from the office. All changes to documents are saved in real time with full version control and history. Using the edit online plug-in, documents are locked for changes and can only be read by other users. This makes the document archive an effective tool and not only a file-sharing site.. This makes the document archive an active workspace and not only an archive site.

Please try out for yourself how working with documents in Webforum compares to other web services, you will definitely notice the difference!

Description of the most important features

Drag and drop

Drag and drop documents and folders from your computer to the document archive.

Edit Online
Edit online means that you can open and update a document directly from the document archive. All changes to documents are saved in real time with full version history. During the update, the document is locked for changes and can only be read by other users.

Version Control
Individual documents or entire folders can be subject to version control. The last saved version is shown as the current one, while previous versions are saved and can be opened if necessary. Version numbering is according to Major / Minor versions as required.

Review and workflow
A review workflow can be initiated to distribute a document to one or more people. All comments are collected in one place and you will be notified when everyone has provided their feedback Choose between parallel and serial workflow and between review and approval functions.

Search facility T
The advanced search facility allows you to search by file name, file content and information about the file.

Examples of other document management features

  • Audit Log to see who has read the document
  • You can email document links instead of document attachments
  • Comments on Documents
  • Document Aliases (documents linked together)
  • Access Permissions on individual documents and / or folders

Examples of functions

– Document types and metadata – Import / Export of multiple files at once including metadata
– Metadata Navigation
– Advanced viewer (for example for drawings)
– Display Files
– Document Baskets
– Document Sets (group together specific versions of certain documents for transmittals for example)
– Print Orders
– Document Tendering (Publication for download)
– Encryption
– Restricted access privileges (for example, not allowing downloads or Printing)


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