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Streamline workflow with the help of powerful issue management

The bigger the project, the greater the risk for misunderstandings, quality breach and change requirements that fall between the cracks. If you use a limited and commonly used tool, like ordinary project management tools or document archives, it often leads to scattered case information, time-waste, information being lost, and bad traceability. But with the right tool you can manage work a whole lot easier!

With Webforum you get a complete solution to streamline workflow, collaboration processes and administration. As a project manager, you always receive a quick overview of project development, a clear picture of all the issues that needs to be completed and control of remaining work. It’s easier than ever before to assign and discuss issues, get feedback and make sure that the right person always gets responsibility in the right time.

More than just an activity list

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Full control
Work can be managed both by itself and in a project by connecting issues to a project plan.
Business graph
Follow progress for recently started and finished work.
Documents box
Always have complete control of all the changes in your project. Be transparent by gathering all the information about your work.
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With our smart notifications you can ensure that relevant information about an issue always ends up with the right person.
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  • Budgeting and project plan connected to issues
  • Charts of issues
  • Change History
  • Assigning issues
  • Linking of documents
  • Completion rate in %
  • HACM for constructions projects

Watch a video about Issue Management in Webforum

Other Functions