Issue Management

The Issue Module is built to handle all types of issues: everything from change requests or bugs in IT systems to Questions and Answers or Snag lists in construction Projects.

All issues have standard fields such as severity , priority, resolution or assigned to. It is also possible to both remove and add specific custom fields for each type of issue. Issues are assigned to users in the workspace and the comment feature can be used to provide input into how an issue should be handled.

You can publish issue forms which only need the minimum of data entry. Issues can also be sent to the workspace via email and when they are in the workspace, it is easy to assign them to individuals. Documents relating to an issue can be uploaded from your own computer or linked from the Webforum document archive. The link points automatically to the latest version of the document in the document archive.

It is possible to set budgets and report time on issues. Issues can then be analysed in the reports and analysis tool. The issue module has a powerful search facility.

The search function makes it possible to filter out exactly the issues that you are interested in and show precisely the fields that you want to see and in the required sort order. It can also bring together issues from different projects in the same view.

All comments and changes are logged. The module also includes a chart and analysis tool that provides a good overview of the number of issues in various categories in the current state or over a time period.

Examples of functions

– Issue Types
– Custom fields
– Send new issue in email
– Submit an issue via a web form
– Charts and analysis of the issues
– Change history
– Assign issues, link documents to issues
– Start and end dates
– Allocate budgets and report time against issues


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