Project Management Office (PMO)

More effective portfolio and program management

As a PMO you’re expected to have a complete overview of all the projects and insight in project status, budget and results. Do you want a more effective way to follow up project data than using Excel spreadsheets? Do you want to be able to give management a complete picture of the project and decisions?

With Webforum you get effective portfolio and program management that enables you to reach full potential in your projects and ensure that results live up to the expectations and the overall strategy. Get a clear overview of ongoing projects and their status regarding time and money. Use built in decision support for more detailed analysis of budget, turn-out and forecast. Analyze, optimize, prioritize and get optimal resource utilization.

More than just a project portfolio management tool

Transparens och insyn
Full transparency
Increase transparency between project management and stakeholders. Avoid endless mail conversations and keep everyone engaged by allowing access to relevant information and the latest updates.
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Decision making made easy
Easy access to the right information makes decision making more effective. To open your plan or detailed view of a project from PMO is a smooth process.
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Business graph
Business graph
Real time follow-up
Get access to the latest information in real time, even from mobile units.
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Choose your level of project portfolio management
Choose your level of following up—everything from extensive, powerful project portfolio management tools—to a more simple version for more basic needs.
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  • Overview of all projects
  • Classification of projects
  • Filtering and selecting information to view
  • Charts
  • Traffic lights (RAG)
  • Save and download files
  • Summary charts
  • Bubble charts
  • Visualization of phases
  • Status reporting

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Other Functions