Project Offices, Programmes and Project Portfolios

An attractive part of Webforum is the advanced support for project offices, programmes and project portfolios.

The Webforum Project Office module gives an overview of your current projects, including how they are progressing against time and budget. It is even possible to classify projects into different categories to give you the overview you need.

It is easy to create your own summary of key information directly in the Project Office view, such as a Gantt chart view of all projects and their phases, or a bubble chart that shows the projects according to complexity, usage and size. With a single click, you can go directly from the Project Office to the detailed information on an individual project, such as the activity plan or the project summary information.

To aid decision-making Webforum supports a more detailed analysis of project progress against budget and forecast baselines either visually in the system or as an export for further analysis. In order to facilitate managing a large number of resources in a project portfolio, Webforum provides a Resource Planning View which includes resource balancing tools.

Examples of  functions

– Overview of all projects
– Classification of projects
– Filtering and selection of information to be displayed
– Save and share filters

Graphs and charts
– Traffic lights
– Gantt charts
– Summary Graphs
– Bubble charts
– Project phase breakdown
– Status Reporting


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