Project Planning

Efficient project planning with Webforum's project tool

As a project manager for important projects you are expected to work with tight deadlines, have control over your resources and to ensure that promised results are achieved. With the usual limited project management tools and email valuable time is wasted, the resources are not used in the optimal way, the budget is running away and the project loses speed.

With Webforum you get a lot more than just a project management tool. You get a combination of powerful project planning functions. Document management and collaboration tools – not just a flat plan or a dead space to leave or pick up your documents.

You as a project manager get the essential functions needed to deliver complex projects on time, as well as a way to collaborate with the project members in a structured manner. Create a project plan, manage resources and risks, follow the budget – all in a structured manner. It will give you complete control and a perfect overview of the project.

More than just a project planning tool

Project planning with a comprehensive overview
Collaboration around all your projects within the same platform gives you the control and overview you need to make smarter decisions and will help you to prioritize the right tasks.
mallar inom projektplanering
Standardization with templates
Get started quickly, easy and with a quality assured project plan through using a project template, where you get a lot more than just a plan.
mallar inom projektplanering
Real time reporting
When all your project resources use the same platform, the reports are always up to date. The status can be set directly in the platform for both sub projects and activities, which is aggregated to one view for the whole project.
Business graph
Smart status monitoring
Through letting the project resources enter how much they appreciate remains of an activity, you as a project manager get a good picture of the situation within the project and an early warning if something is about to be delayed.
rätt information
The right information at the right time
Give the project participants the right information at the right time, through placing supporting documents at the right place within the project plan.


  • GANTT-charts and WBS
  • Milestones, decision points and phases
  • Budget, results and forecast
  • Resource booking at project level
  • Specify your own categorisation of activities
  • Units and charge-out rate / cost per unit per activity and resource
  • Import from MS Project and Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • Baselines
  • Completion rate in %
  • Dependencies between activities
  • Critical chain
  • Support document

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Other functions