Report & Analysis

Project reporting and project portfolio overview in the cloud

Large amounts of data can make it difficult to analyze everything and turn it into valuable information for decision making. How many times have you been looking at a report or excel-chart, and wondered just how accurate the information really is and when it was last updated? Do you also spend a lot of time putting together different reports?

The amount of time you put down creating a report for the steering committee as a project manager can now be used for analysis and other valuable work. With the help of Webforum, advanced and customized project reporting is just a click away. Create automated standard reports, follow up on budget and timeline, visualize progress in your project, identify risks and analyze resource booking.

Discover the power of advanced project reporting

Skräddarsydda projektrapporter
Skräddarsydda projektrapporter
Customized project reports
Customize project reports based on your needs. Use filters to choose specific views, information, charts and status report.
Automatiserade rapporter
Automated standard reports
Get a complete overview of your project portfolio with the help of automated reports.
Automatiserade rapporter
Real time reporting
Make smarter decisions and keep management updated with the latest information. Get updates of your projects in real-time.
Visualize your progress
Choose the most important results and create your own chart based on your, or the stakeholders needs. Choose between different report types and formats.

Some Features

  • GANTT Charts and WBS
  • Milestones, decision points and phases
  • Resource booking at project level
  • Activities and resources per activity
  • Optional categorizing of activities
  • Units and price/cost per unit per activity and resource
  • Import from MS Project and Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • Baselines
  • Completion rate in %
  • Dependencies between activities
  • Critical chain
  • Support document

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