Resource Planning

With the resource planning function, you can plan how resources are allocated to activities across different projects. You also get a visual overview of the resource loading by day or week.

It is possible to see how much time the projects were allocated by the resource owners, the budgets for various activities that were allocated by the project manager and what is forecast.
You can easily switch between views to see both resources by project or project by resource. Colours can be used to illustrate the low and high resource utilization for different periods.

When planning the project, you may not know yet who is going to perform a certain task, but just the type of resource. In this case, you can create a resource named for example “Quality Manager” to indicate the need for a certain number of hours to be allocated to quality control. In the overview screen, you can then search for resources belonging to different categories or roles and then the actual resources who are able to work in that role and those that are not allocated to other activites at the time. You can also analyse the resource utilization in the integrated reporting and analysis tool.

Examples of functions

– Projects by resource as well as resources by Project
– Allocated time by resource or Project
– Budgeted and estimated time remaining by resource and project or resource and project activity
– Available time by resource or Project
– Filter by any resource name and by project categories
– Filter by resource allocation
– Visual overview of allocation by project or by overall total
– Export to excel
– Preliminary resource allocation and resource approval log


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