Resource management

Resource management with full control

Experienced project managers know that the ability to plan resources in an effective way pays off during the whole life of the project. Unstructured resource management leads to higher risks, wasted time and unwise spending—a risk an experienced project manager never wants to take.

Webforum gives you a visual overview of both available and unavailable resources, and a clear picture resource allocation. Switch between views to see resources per project, and project per resource. Follow up, optimize and streamline resources. Make the organizations workflow more productive by connecting resource management with your project strategies, errands and documents – all in one platform.

Take your resource planning to a new level

Increased productivity
Achieve higher allocation thanks to a better overview. This means more time used for productive work. Distribute resources based on a set number of criterias such as, availability, qualifications, and location to ensure that the right person is assigned to the right task.
Create transparency
Increase transparency and collaboration by gathering all information in one place. Filter and analyze resources based on a number of specific criterias such as: availability, qualification and location – always in real-time.
Overview of all resources
With Webforum you always know who’s doing what, and when. Choose between different views and reports for resource capacities and availability. Visualize the whole workflow, from requests and bookings to actual usage.
Detect issues in time
Get notifications as soon as changes or delays occur in your planning. This enables you to quickly identify under used or exhausted resources, as well as detecting issues before they affect your project negatively.


  • Graphic overview for allocation per project and in total
  • Budgeted and estimated time per resource and project activity
  • Allocated time per resource and project
  • Filter by any resource name and by project categories
  • Filters by resource allocation
  • Projects by resource as well as resources by Project
  • Import from MS Project and Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • Preliminary resource allocation and resource approval log
  • Booked time per resource and project

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