Risk Management

What can go wrong during a project and what would the consequences be in each case?

Risk management is one of the most important parts of project planning and also something that changes continuously during a project.
In Webforum, risks are classified by likelihood and impact giving a risk value which is also shown visually .

A major advantage of managing risk in the Webforum risk module compared to for example an Excel sheet is traceability since all changes are logged. After all, a project that has few risks can the both be because it is not a risky project or that the risks were handled promptly and appropriately during the project.

The Webforum risk module can be tailored to your specific needs, for example the probability and consequence could be classed according to a 3 or 5 point scale. You can also create custom fields so that risks can be categorised. Risks can be managed for a specific project, for multiple projects or an entire portfolio.

The Risk module has a powerful search facility . The search function makes it possible to filter out exactly the risks you are interested in and show precisely the fields that you want to see and in the required sort order. The search function can also bring together the risks from different projects in the same view.

Examples of functions

– Risk types
– Pre-defined fields set as probability and consequence
– Custom fields
– Visual risk matrix
– Change history


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