Time Management

Is your time reporting system useful for the finance department, but not for project managers? Does it only provide information on what has been done with not how much is left to do?

With time reporting in Webforum you get information on both billing and project monitoring in a single system – and in the same system where you will also have all the other project information.

Time Sheets are perceived by many as tedious and boring, but with Webforum it takes less than 5 minutes to report time for a day or even a whole week at your desk or on a mobile device. The time reporting can be done for all projects simultaneously. That can often be the difference between time sheets being completed or not.

You can report absence and other activities outside the project such as issues. Time can be reported against generic or non-people resources in Webforum. Authorised users can approve other people’s timesheets.

Zero recorded time spent and other costs can be captured for various projects and activities. You can also report the time remaining for each activity. It is possible to set up rates against resources either as a cost and / or a rate for external billing therefore making the time reporting an integral part of the financial monitoring of the project.

Planned and reported time and costs can be analyzed using the in-built decision support for individual projects or for entire portfolios setting different periods of time and levels of detail.

Time reporting has never been easier! Enter time using your browser or on your smartphone!

Examples of functions

– Daily, Weekly, Monthly view
– Record time spent
– Adjust time remaining
– Reporting of additional costs
– Clear current selection
– Time sheet approval
– Access to project planning resource billing and cost rates
– Access to decision support
– Create invoices
– Export data to Excel
– Add notes and comments against time entered
– Timesheet administrator mode to see all the time entered by your resources

Watch a video about how to work with Document Management in Webforum

Other functions