Things are happening with Webforum

We know that our customers are busy making the world better. Therefore, we work incessantly to make sure Webforum gets better at helping you reach your goals. Read about our improvements here.

Feb 2018

Create text files in Documents (remove docs without a file)

We extended the possibility to include text files as well as the “old” options of word, excel, and powerpoint.

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Select multiple values when filtering

We now let you filter on more than one value and quickly find the information you need.

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Project startpage – see what’s happened in the project!

We know you want an overview of what’s going on in the project and you need to give the whole project group a place to collaborate and get a joint view of the progress. In February, we will release a beta version for the new Project Start Page.

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Jan 2018

Prettier PDF printing of issues

The pdf printing of issues is of crucial importance to many of our customers who use Issues and we have spent some time and love on improving this in 2017. We have also made the PDF-printout of issues a little prettier by left-adjusting multi-line text fields.

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Save Office documents as PDF

We have made it a little bit easier to create PDFs from the documents that you have stored in Webforum by adding an option to the document menu: Save as PDF.

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Introducing role based permissions in projects

We believe in transparency! That said, we also know that access to information – whether in the form of issues/work packages/actions or in the form of documents – usually needs to be structured.Now, we give you the possibility to create groups on the project level in order to maintain an easy permissions structure in the project.

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Dec 2017

New year and new challenges!

Here’s a summary of some of the most important changes in Webforum during 2017. A total of more than 380 unique improvements, bugfixes and other development packages have been released in 2017 to make this version of Webforum the best ever.

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