Frequently asked questions - FAQ

User Account & Login

I have lost/forgotten my user name and/or my password, what can I do?

Your user name is always your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your personal password, fill in the e-mail address in the “Lost your password?” panel below the login panel and click “Send”. The system will now generate a link to a page where you can set a new password and log in to the system.

How can I update/change my user information?

In order to change your user information, click on “My Profile” in the top right corner when you are logged in.

In “My Account” there is an alternative e-mail address, what is it used for?

If you enter an alternative e-mail address, this can be used in order to get a new password if you have lost your primary e-mail address.


How do I add and/or invite users to the workspace?

In order to add a new user, click on the ”Admin” tab and then ”Users”. Then click on “Add User” in order to add a new user.

To invite a new user check the box next to their name under the tab “Users” . Click “Invite ” . You can then fill in the optional subject and message. The system will automatically send a link to a web page as well as instructions for the user to login.


What is the Webforum Plugin and what does it do?

Webforum has developed a Plugin that gives the user additional possibilities in the document archive. The plugin lets the user:

  • drag and drop files and folders from the file system of your computer to the document archive
  • open and edit documents so that they can be saved directly to the document archive.

To use Webforum Plugin on a PC, the user must have:
Operating system: Windows 7 or later.
Browser, version: Internet Explorer 11 or Chrome.

How do I install the Plugin?

The first time you use the document archive you will be requested to install the plug in. You can also find the installation link in Documents in the bar above the list och documents and folders.

If you have troubles installing the plugin, we recommend that you take a look at our troubleshooting guide here

I deleted some folders and files from the Document Archive by mistake. Can they be restored?

All files and folders that have been erased from the document archive are automatically saved in a trash bin during a certain time period, normally 14 days. During this time it is possible for an administrator to recover the files and folders to the document archive. You find the trash bin as the latest node in the document archive below the folders.

How can I download multiple folders/files from the Document Archive?

There is a zip-function that allows the user to download numerous files and folders to the local computer. In order to do this, select the files and folders you want to download and click on the zip icon in the menu bar. The system will tell you how much data you are about to download (uncompressed). After clicking OK, you will also get information about the size of the downloaded file.

How do I upload multiple folders and / or files to the document archive?

Files and folders can be uploaded in two ways, either by dragging and dropping files or by using the toolbar. The first option requires that the Webforum plugin for Internet Explorer or Chrome is installed.
To create a folder using the toolbar, click “Add”, select “Folder”, and enter a name for the folder. To upload one or more files, click on “Add”, select “Upload documents” and select the files to be uploaded from your local computer or network. Please note that it is also possible to upload a zipped file of documents to the archive and extract it directly in the workspace!

Why is there a lock next to the document?

In order to prevent a file from being changed by two users at the same time, it is possible to lock it so that other users cannot change it while you are working on it. The file will be locked automatically when you start working on it, or you can choose “Lock” from the drop down menu next to the file in order to lock it without opening it.

When a file is locked, other users can still read it, but they can not change it unless they have administrator rights.

Can I use the document archive to store pictures?

Of course! Just press the correct view type on the toolbar at the top of the screen and you will be able to switch between a list view and a thumbnail view. The thumbnail view shows your pictures as small thumbnails and if you click on the picture it is opened in a preview mode. In the preview mode you can easily move from one picture to another.


How can I use the e-mail function?

The e-mail function can be used in order to send messages and appendices, either to single users or to user groups. You can only send messages to users in your workspace. In order to send an e-mail, click on “To”, “Copy” or “Bcc” and a window with users and groups will open up so that you can select the ones you want to add.

In order to select all users, click on the user group ”All users” and move the group to the right-hand box and then click “OK” to return to the e-mail message screen.

Can I reply to an e-mail sent from the system?

You can reply to e-mails sent from the system. The mail will be sent to the user who sent the message from the system and the sender will be

Can I attach files to e-mails?

You can attach both files from the document archive and from your own PC. If you attach files from the document archive they can be either links or copies of the documents. If you send links, the receiver must be a platform user in order to open the file.