New functions in the Webforum service

We are constantly working to develop and improve our services. Read more about all the new functions here.

Release 17.2 (Release date 17 June 2017)

Click the button below to read preliminary release notes for Webforum 17.2.

Release 17.1

The new version includes improvements to Documents and Issues/Lists as well as bug fixes. Click the button below to read release notes for Webforum 17.1.

Release 16.4

The new version includes improvements and fixes that does not have a massive impact on the end users, but will create new opportunities within multiple parts of our system. Click the button below to read about new functionality in Webforum 16.4.

Release 16.3

Click the button below to read about new functionality in Webforum 16.3.

Release 16.2

Workspaces with projects now have a project list on the left hand side of the start page. Users that have a Microsoft Office 365 Business account can now edit Office documents with Microsoft Office Online.

The dialog that is opened when you click on a document has had a face lift. It’s now possible to quickly switch to another project by clicking on the small arrow icon after the project name. The project folder is now displayed under a new project tab “Documents”. It is now possible to separate issues of different issue types into their own tabs under projects.

Release 16.1

A plugin for Chrome now allows editing of documents in the same way as Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is possible to process supplier invoices in the project module and you can add calculated fields on projects, project tasks, issues and risks.

Release 15.4

The start page has been improved with better support for linking to documents and folders. A possibility to send messages from the contacts module has also been added.

Release 15.3

We have improved the system navigation and increased personalisation options, through a new header and a new contacts module.

We have also created a new plugin for Internet Explorer.

Release 15.2

The system now has a new start page module.  This start page is the first page that a user sees when they login to Webforum.

Release 15.1

Version 15.1 contains a number of new features, including a new viewer GUI with personal annotations There is also a new report dashboard.

Release 14.4

Version 14.4 includes a new web form for issues and a serial workflow option for the document reviews and approvals.

Release 14.3

In version 14.3 , we have focussed on increased ease of use to facilitate collaboration. We have redesigned the user interface for issue management so that is now more intuituve . You can also now easily find and communicate with your contacts via the mobile interface.

For administrators, we have simplified the user management function. If you have set up users on one workspace, you can now import their details to another workspace.

Release 14.2

Version 14.2 includes enhanced support for the mobile interface and improvements for Mac users.

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