Board Room

The Webforum board portal is the central place for the company Board. This helps to organise your board and any specific committees for each board meeting with relevant documents, background material and financial statements.

Easy to use, available online and secure

The Webforum online board portal eliminates the need for time-consuming distribution of board materials. When sensitive material is handled solely in the solution you get complete control and the privacy of operating outside your own company network. Webforum works in all modern browsers and of course in smartphones and tablets.

“We have previously used a similar approach but saw a need to find a tool that better reflect our needs for functionality and security. The Webforum Online Boardroom is a very user-friendly solution that meets our stringent demands on the functionality, flexibility and security.

Per Fredriksson, CIO at iStone



With all the board materials in Webforum board web, you can feel at ease. It is only registered board members who can access the information in the online boardroom portal and only after authentication in two steps – username and encrypted password and then the security code by SMS or email. All up- and downloading of documents encrypted and also the stored documents themselves.

It is possible to further control who has access to particular documents and see in a log who opened a specific document. With permission settings can prevent the downloading and printing of particularly sensitive documents. An important aspect of security is that all the material is stored in a safe place and not on individual user computers and email programs.

Document Management

In the Webforum online board portal you create simple effective folder structure of protocols, reports, and other documentation. There are excellent search capabilities to quickly find the right document. Documents can be updated online, but it is also possible to comment on documents and make your own notes. Thanks to the in-build version control you are always shown the current version of a document. Instead of emailing large attachments to each other, a link to the document in the online service can be attached to a message, improving efficiency and maintaining security.


The Webforum board portal facilitates the work of the board in many different ways. The notification function enables messages to be sent to specified distribution lists or individual members via email or SMS. In the common calendar you can list all the key board dates for meetings and deadlines for the entire year. It is also possible to work with simple and transparent “to-do lists” that clearly shows what was decided and who was given responsibility for a particular task. Discussions in the online web forum remain even when members left the board and can provide valuable information on how decisions have been made on various issues.

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