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Delivering effective projects should not be this hard!

Many construction projects get stuck with limited solutions that work at an early stage or on one specific task, but lack more advanced features to address the growing need for project management. The Building Industry’s rapid digitization is increasing expectations from partners to work completely digitally and without hassle. Have the courage to reject such tools!

Alla filer i en och samma lösning.

Release the power of structured collaboration

We believe in digitizing information management in construction projects and allowing major peripheral activities to add value to your work. Imagine a comprehensive solution that provides a complete overview of ongoing changes, deadlines, responsibilities, budget and risks, where the site manager has complete control. Unnecessary conflicts, ambiguities and manual work can be avoided through support for direct reporting and easy monitoring.

Structure your collaboration today

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Features for intelligent construction projects

Webforum tools are customized to your demands and throughout the different project phases, thanks to a complete solution for structured collaboration that grows with your needs.

1. Take your files and documents to a new level

Work on construction projects is centered around important documents. This can often be difficult to manage effectively. By actually working with these documents and structuring them within the Webforum tools, all the information becomes instantly available which adds value in your projects. Using features like document and file sets, auditing, versioning, meta-tagging and classification, in one solution, saves you both time and resources.

  • Document Sets
  • Meta-tag files
  • Easy vs advanced search and access
  • Review and approval
  • Viewing of drawings
  • Versioning
  • Activity Log
Strukturera dina filer för effektivare byggprojekt

2. Create value from peripheral activities

Activities that arise around the project, such as changes from scope or deviations from it, constitute a large part of the daily work and can easily cause delays and increased costs if not managed effectively. In Webforum, you can categorize different types of issues or tasks, which enables a proactive approach and provides a clearer overview. Along with the visual project portfolio makes it easy to enable continuous monitoring.

  • Issue management
  • Direct issue reporting
  • Risk management
  • Time Monitoring
  • Project visualisation

3. Keep all involved parties updated

Often there are several different parties involved in construction projects. This creates a challenge to manage communication, delivery and document sharing with internal and external project stakeholders. In Webforum, this is facilitated by a flexible process for temporary sharing of documents, permission setting and a powerful document viewer to review complex files and drawings. Support is also available for working with 3D models and DWG.

  • Mailing lists
  • SMS function
  • Shared calendar
  • To – do lists
  • Prioritization of tasks
Enkel kommunikation mellan alla inblandade parter

How Webforum creates value in the construction industry

We value our client feedback and continuously aim to improve the user experience of our tool.

Tyréns brings structure to thousands of documents

Tyréns has been using Webforum as the project portal and standard tool for projects since 2012. Above all, their benefit is the smooth management of large amounts of information and the ability to structure and navigate by using metadata. They also highlight the value of the ongoing dialogue with Webforum in discussing improvements and new capabilities for continuously develop the tool.


“We value the ease of getting started, combined with the opportunity to grow and use more advanced features as needed.”

Stefan Persson, BIM/GIS Strategist, Tyréns

Sundsvall Elnät

“Through using Webforum we have been able to easily create a single workspace on the web where all 14 utility companies can work together effectively.”

Torbjörn Ullberg, Chief of Staff, Sundsvall Elnät

Landstinget i Jönköpings Län

“With Webforum we gain control of all drawings and documentation in our construction projects. We have many ongoing construction projects started at the same time which makes it important to have a good overview and control of all of them.”

Martin Flodin, CAD Strategist, Jönköping County

Are you ready to structure your construction projects?