Project Management

Webforum gives full control over a project, providing invaluable features for the project manager and an easy-to-use project platform for everyone else involved.

Easy to use - advanced if necessary

The Webforum online service makes it easy to collaborate on projects with many participants and has, at the same time, powerful support for the more advanced needs for management of large amounts of information. Everything required for effective project planning, coordination and monitoring – all in one place and available for those that need it.

” With Webforum Project, we can create all the various financial reports demanded from us as a  public organization. We now have the overview and the common control of our financials that we strived to achieve. This tool has streamlined our work around our publicly funded projects”.

Pernilla Carlström, Project Coordinator / Controller at VTI.


Project Planning

In Webforum you can create a schedule for your project and assign tasks to any individual participant. The plan can be divided into phases, milestones and decision points according to your project model. You can create a risk inventory and categorisation based on likelihood and impact as well as documenting mitigation actions.


Large parts of project work is recorded as documents of one type or another. More often than not, many people are working on the same document making it vitally important that any changes to a particular version are controlled and the version history is readily available. It is also good practice, if not essential, that the latest version is always at hand.

Links to documents can be created from different areas of the tool for example, included in a status report, or as the reference material for an issue. If you need to seek approval of a document, you can choose between parallel and serial workflows. In projects with a large number of documents, it is common to label the files with different attributes (or metadata) in order to facilitate searches and to display additional information about the file in the document list.

When the project starts producing a range of new issues (both high and low severity), the Webforum Issues module lets you keep track of all these and ensures that nothing is left unrecorded. Categorise issues according to your exact needs and present detailed analysis by creating a visual overview using the built-in graphs.

You can even publish a web-form to capture information from various stakeholders directly into the issue module. There are many additional support features such as a project calendar and a discussion forum that can be turned on when needed. For large projects, the built-in publishing tool can be very helpful to inform project participants and stakeholders about important project-related information and to give the project, or your organisation, a stylish visual presence.

Status and follow up

To assist the project manager you can create both status and activity reports. Project participant’s time reports can be presented both in tables and graphically for comparison with, for example, budget outcomes and forecasts. The important changes are logged and can be presented at project meetings or produced when requested for a project audit.

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