Project Office

The Webforum Project Office is the central hub that holds together the different projects and gives an overall picture of each project’s status, resource allocation, costs and risks.

Overview, planning and in-depth analysis

The Webforum Project Office combines a visual representation of the project portfolio and resource allocation with the facility to perform in-depth analysis within the same single tool. Combined with the world-class Business Intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities it makes it easier to prioritize the project portfolio, determine constraints in time and move towards strategic goals.

“Webforum is the perfect partner for us, the system is easy to use, safe and affordable.”

Sami Muhonen, Project Engineer of Medisize


Monitoring and analysis

The Webforum Project Office combines a simplified view of all projects with the potential for in-depth analysis in the same tool. The different views are available to track the status of the various projects and enable evaluation of project activities against strategic objectives. All projects are listed with status information and schedule. For further analysis, you can make the selection of the portfolio, region, or any other classification of projects to analyse the data in list form or as a graph.

The Project Office also includes a powerful report generator for analysing costs, budgets and forecasts for any time period. Reports in the form of data and graphs can be published in various dashboards to present the relevant information in the right context for further analysis.

Matching needs with resources

The Resource Management function shows the availability and demand across all projects for all resources over time. The information can be viewed by project, unit, individual or role providing the relevant information for resource owners and project managers and to ensure the optimum utilisation of Resources.

Risk follow-up in the project and overall portfolio

The Webforum Project Office provides risk management both for the individual project and for a whole portfolio. Risks are scored according to the parameters you set and can be linked to measures you wish to monitor. The risk graph can visualize the most critical risks for an individual project or an entire portfolio.

Project Models and Templates

To facilitate project work you have the option to use templates that follow a desired project methodology. Templates can be created for both projects and management tasks and published in the project office to allow shared progress reporting.

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